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BEAUTY WORLD has launched 10 new Beauty, Health, and Home Care Brands: AMALFI,WINIX,BIOWASH,AGRADO, ROMAR, FRESH FEEL, DICORA, DESTELLO, GARLEY, KIRIRKO, NELLY, With our brands AMALFI,WINIX,BIOWASH,ROMAR,GARLEY,OR DESTELLO we cover practically all the needs of thehome and the daily care of each person, with multiple possibilities in formats, aromas, and applications.

FRESH FEEL is a family-owned business founded in the 1950s, to create NATURAL products for hair and body care. This product will immerse you in a tropical paradise as we use the best ingrediesnts for your skin and hair

DECORA is a brand of beauty, hygiene, and personal care products. Beauty is also an attitude. It's the way you go out every day; safely, confidently and with a smile and we can help you get the best out of yourself.

KIRIKO operates in Spain and various countries inside and outside Europe, in the Laundry & Home Care (cleaning products and detergents) and Beauty Care (cosmetics) sectors with its new line of NAVINIA products.

NELLY Professional is endorsed by over 30 years of experience in developing hair care products for hairdressers and the loyalty of our customers in more than 40 countries. We've used the latest technology in our formulations and high quality natural plant extracts as active ingredients.

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